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YouTuber shares footage of 'zombie shark' found in abandoned aquarium

YouTuber shares footage of 'zombie shark' found in abandoned aquarium
'Help' written across abandoned hospital walls in eerie discovery

YouTubers have found a mummified “zombie shark” and other sea creatures in an abandoned aquarium - and shared the creepy footage online.

A group of urban explorers broke into the disused aquarium in Spain that was abandoned in 2014 when a 43-foot wave damaged the building.

One member of the group, Juj' Urbex, posted footage of their discoveries on YouTube. During the 18 minute clip, they explored the abandoned building with torches.

In one part of the clip, they came across the body of a small reef shark that appeared mummified, resembling what a zombie shark might look like in a sci-fi film.

Based on how it was found, it’s believed that the shark was previously dead and was being preserved using chemicals within a glass display case.

But since then, the glass box appears to have broken, exposing the body of the shark to the air, causing slow decay and mould to set in.

Ce requin est mort ici ?!! |

When the aquarium was damaged, live animals were evacuated and transferred to other aquariums, leading Juj' Urbex to speculate that the preserved animals in display cases were left behind.

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Despite the fact the animal was already deceased, it “made [Juj' Urbex] feel a lot of sorrow for this beast”, they said in the video, translated into English.

Decomposing remains of an octopus and squid were also found in smashed jars that almost certainly had contained formaldehyde to preserve them.

Two sea stars were found intact as they had been completely dried out before being displayed.

Here in the UK, a couple explored an abandoned school in Hertfordshire. Meanwhile, another YouTuber explored an abandoned mental hospital and heard a 'scream' while watching footage back.

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