The BBC's fresh and gritty take on Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol has captivated audiences for past three nights in 2019, breathing new life into the famous story about Ebenezer Scrooge.

Those familiar with the tale will be aware that Scrooge is particularly mean to his employee Bob Cratchit which has a knock-on effect on his family. The Cratchit's are here again but in this new version, they have been reimagined as a mixed-race family with the role of Mary Cratchit being played by actor Vinette Robinson.

Unfortunately, as it seems to be with almost anything that is slightly progressive these days, there was a lot of negativity to this new portrayal of the family and, yes, it came from Twitter.

Now, we really don't need to go into the fact that the Cratchits have previously been played by a family of frogs and pigs in the past but Robinson had the perfect response to the accusations of 'political correctness.'

On Twitter, Robinson shared a thread from the very informative account 'Whores of Yore' which gave a very detailed breakdown of the many mixed-race couples that would have existed in the time of Dickens' novel and why the latest adaptation of the novel was factually accurate.

For those interested, here is the fascinating and educational thread in full.

Whores of Yore also responded to Robinson and shared a link to a book about mixed-race relationships in the 19th century which most people should probably read.

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