Father makes daughter keep her mixed-race relationship secret from his racist parents

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The concept of two people with different skin tones dating in 2019 really shouldn't be a major issue. But astonishingly, for some people, it still is.

Over on Reddit, a man brazenly shared a story about his daughter and her black boyfriend. Now, you might think this is about him sticking up for the couple when they were racially abused.

Though, sadly, that isn't the case at all. In fact, it's much worse.

According to the man he asked his daughter to lie about her boyfriend being black when talking to her grandparents, who just happened to be racists.

Taking the notorious "Am I the A**hole?'"subreddit the father wrote:

As you can imagine, people didn't agree with his approach to the situation as it appeared that he valued his parent's opinions on over his daughters and Reddit users were more than happy to let him know that.

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