Alex Jones claims Game of Thrones is 'anti-men' and is really about a ‘race war’

Alex Jones claims Game of Thrones is 'anti-men' and is really about a ‘race war’

InfoWars founder Alex Jones has been interviewed by far-right media personality Jack Posobiec about Game of Thrones. Yes, you read that correctly.

Jones made clear that he doesn’t “judge” Game of Thrones fans, who include his family members, but said:

I’m usually so busy in the real ‘game of thrones’ that I don’t have time to watch it.

But the fact he doesn’t watch Game of Thrones didn’t stop him from dishing out his opinions on latest goings on in Westeros. Of course, conspiracy theory fan Jones insisted that the show he doesn’t watch has a much bigger agenda at play.

He says:

There’s no doubt Hollywood’s pushing all these race war movies, Black against whites.

Whites are evil and racist.

Considering that Game of Thrones is dominated by white characters and that its rare depictions of people of colour are often as slaves, it’s unclear how exactly the show is anti-white

Apparently Game of Thrones, which up until last season was completely dominated by male characters and leaders, is also anti-male. He said:

Also pushing women as the bosses, men are bad.

That’s been going on since Married With Children and Fox TV. But Game of Thrones is this post-modernist, everyone is in it for themselves, no one is good. Everyone has given up on chivalry.

Even more bizarrely, when the conversation turned to Star Wars, Jones appeared to suggest that the “dark side”, as is portrayed in the films, isn’t actually all that bad.

He said:

The dark side isn’t just evil, it’s saying everything.

It’s saying, ‘do what you want.'

There's only one way to respond to these trash takes: "Dracarys".

H/T: DailyDot

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