InfoWars: Alex Jones responds to his social media ban by spreading more conspiracy theories

InfoWars: Alex Jones responds to his social media ban by spreading more conspiracy theories

Major websites and tech companies have terminated accounts and material produced by far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website InfoWars.

Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and Apple have removed temporarily suspended some of Jones's accounts in a huge crackdown on media that could be considered to be spreading 'hate speech' and 'discrimination'.

The 44-year-old who produces videos and podcasts took to Twitter, one of the few platforms that he was yet to be banned from, after several of the suspensions were put in place.

In a long rant, which lasts nearly four hours, Jones attacks "leftist garbage" and asks his viewers to "feed your gladiator" in a bizarre response to the bans, which basically reads like a conspiracy theory.

If you haven't got four hours to spare here is a brief rundown of what he said about the "co-ordinated communist-style crackdown":

Give us water, give us your prayers and we will fight hard. 

Give us your love and support, like sunshine on our faces, backs and our chests to make us strong.

You are the water, the sunshine, the fresh air, the food, you are the blood of this operation, you are the veins.

All the leftist garbage, they p*ss on our grave and on the billions of views, and 2.5 million subscribers and all the work and amazing interviews we have done.

I told you this was coming, they used military tactics and now the tech giants are all working in consort against the American people.

He then pleads with his viewers to "make memes about Apple and Google" and tell everyone that InfoWars is "the most censored program in the world."

Jones adds:

Tell folks, it’s the most censored program in the world for a reason, Jones is dialled in!

Jones knows who the enemy! He understands the globalist program and he knows how to take action!

He also begged for assistance from Donald Trump to help him return to the social media platforms and praised him while also claiming that there is a conspiracy set up by the Chinese and the globalists to against him.

Media Matters quotes Jones as saying:

Mr. President, America knows you’re real. They know the Democrats are the anti-American globalists allied with the ChiComms, radical Islam, the unelected EU, and others. 

If you come out before the midterms and make the censorship the big issue of them trying to steal the election.

And if you make the fact we need an Internet Bill of Rights, and antitrust-busting on these companies, if they don’t back off right now

Facebook has released a statement explaining that Jones' accounts had been suspended for repeat violations which used "dehumanising language" and for "glorifying violence" against Muslims, immigrants and transgender people.

Supporters of Jones and InfoWars have also been reacting to the bans by echoing Jones' words about a conspiracy.

As the dust is still waiting to settle on this story, opponents to Jones have been revelling in his misfortune.

Facebook is let to explain what will happen after Jones has served his suspension on the website.

Jones and InfoWars started began to gain a big following after 9/11 where they spread theories about the government being involved in the attacks.

In 2012, he controversially claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax, which led to victims' families pressing legal action against him.


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