Apprentice viewers left puzzled after man is seeing lying on the boardroom floor for no apparent reason

There have been quite a few odd things to happen on The Apprentice since it first started on British airwaves in 2005 but we don't think we've ever seen anything like this.

During Wednesday's episode of the reality show, where young entrepreneurs attempt to impress Alan Sugar with their business skills, a completely surreal moment occurred during the nerve-wracking board scenes.

This week's task involved the teams creating a travel campaign to entice tourists to Finland. The losing team 'Empower' were beckoned to the boardroom after their LGBT+ failed to turn heads.

After they were dismissed in order to allow Sugar to make his decision a completely random man was seen in the background of the shot as the contestants exited the room.

The man, whose head could only be seen, was lying flat on his back in the boardroom for no apparent reason. Even stranger was that it wasn't a contestant on the show.

The shot really is a 'blink and you'll miss it moment' but some eagle-eyed viewers spotted the man and shared their shock on Twitter.

Who was this man? An extra? An intern? A runner? Another one of Lord Sugar's victims? Who knows. Guess it'll just have to remain one of those great television mystery's.

HT Mirror

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