Arnold Schwarzenegger has stark warning for steroid users

Arnold Schwarzenegger has stark warning for steroid users
Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'I'm now addicted to working out every day'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered a stark warning for anyone thinking of using steroids.

The actor and former bodybuilder reflected on his history with drug use and pointed out the dangers of taking the banned substance.

Speaking in an interview with Men’s Health, the 75-year-old said that he used to take both testosterone and dianabol, a popular steroid drug.

“One hundred milligrams a week,” he said about his testosterone usage. “And then three dianabol a day, so that was 15 milligrams a day.”

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He also clarified that taking steroids weren’t illegal until 1990, when Congress passed The Anabolic Steroid Control Act, and things were different then to how they are today.

“Bodybuilding always, always was considered a safe sport. But now it’s not. Now people are dying—they’re dying because of overdoses of drugs and they don’t know what the f*** they’re doing,” Schwarzenegger said.

“They’re listening to charlatans. If I want to get medical advice from a doctor, I go to UCLA or I go to the Cleveland Clinic.”

Warning against using steroids, he added: “Don’t go there. Yes, we are at a time now where we always look for the easy way to make money, the fast way to get rich, the easy way to be an influencer."

“Anytime you abuse the body, you’re going to regret it. So I just want young people to know that I have seen people getting kidney transplants and suffering tremendously from it.”

He also said that he understands if bodybuilders don’t want to take his advice. “I recognise the fact that, who am I to say this? This is the guy who climbed without a rope,” he added.

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