This woman's response to a man saying he's an 'astrophysicist' on a dating show is hilarious

We've all been there on a date... that awkward moment when someone says something to us that we don't quite understand, and things begin to unravel from there.

Now, in a hilarious moment on the Australian version of The Bachelor, this exact situation has occurred, and it goes without saying that people are loving it.

In a tweet, user @giaonfilm wrote:

i’m watching the promos for the australian bachelor words

In the video, the extremely awkward exchange can be heard taking place between two contestants.

In an opening gambit, the female on the show says:

Hi, I'm Abby!

In response, the man says:

Hi, I'm Matt, lovely to meet you!

Abby then says:

What do you do?

The male contestant then responds:

I'm an astrophysicist.

Then, Abby drops the bombshell:

Okay, I'm a Gemini...


It goes without saying that people on Twitter thought that the whole thing was completely hilarious.

Some thought that his response showed he's a gentleman.

Others just thought it was down-right hilarious.

And also related.

Ah well, next time you think that your Tinder date went badly, spare a thought for Abby on The Bachelor!

HT The Poke

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