Our Barbie vs Oppenheimer quiz reveals which movie you should see first

Our Barbie vs Oppenheimer quiz reveals which movie you should see first
Greta Gerwig dismisses Barbie vs Oppenheimer rivalry

It’s become one of life’s great predicaments: should you go Barbenheimer or Oppenbarbie?

We’re referring, of course, to the burning debate over whether to watch Barbie or Oppenheimer first.

The summer’s two biggest blockbusters will be released on the same day (21 July) and cinema buffs are gearing up for watching them back-to-back.

But is it better to first treat yourself to the candy-coloured endorphin boost that Greta Gerwig’s comedy promises to be? Or save that as a kind of after-dinner treat for when you’ve finished Christopher Nolan’s three-hour masterpiece?

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Here, indy100 has devised a quiz to help you figure out where your loyalties truly lie…

1. You’re going on a date and don’t know what to wear, you…

a) Just kidding! You always know what to wear, and you always look fabulous

b) Wear the same outfit you threw off last night after work – you have more important things to be worrying about

c) Cancel the date and stay home in your PJs

2. When you think about death…

a) You realise you’re alone among your friends

b) It’s because the lives of millions of people are in your hands

c) You swiftly distract yourself by looking at cooking tutorials on TikTok

3. When you go out you always remember to bring your…

a) Rollerblades

b) Fedora

c) Oh crap, you’ve forgotten already

4. Your ideal romantic partner would be…

a) No one! You’re happy just having lots of friends

b) You can’t quite seem to figure that one out

c) Err... Jamie Dornan? Idris Elba? Someone like that...

5. Your views on politics are…

a) Hang on, you’ll need to ask the president about that one (she’s a good friend!)

b) Definitely left-leaning, which does get you into trouble at times

c) Really not something you feel like getting into right now

6. Your ultimate goal is…

a) World peace

b) World peace

c) To wake up tomorrow not feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus

The answers

  • Mostly As: Your pores are positively dripping with plastic, your feet are no doubt permanently arched, too – you definitely need to see Oppenheimer first. Take a break from all the fluff and glitter and spend three hours considering the very nature of war. Then, once you’ve had your fill of theoretical physics and Cillian Murphy’s piercing blue eyes, you can head straight back to your happy place and breath a sigh of relief.
  • Mostly Bs: The world is weighing heavy on your shoulders, it feels like you have the very future of humanity in your hands – go see Barbie. Watch Ryan Gosling’s glistening abs and Margot Robbie’s ear-to-ear smile and try to feel glum, we dare you. Then, while you’re still high on hot pink and power ballads, go see Oppenheimer for a blast back to reality.
  • Mostly Cs: Hun, are you OK? You’re clearly having a tough week and it sounds like you could do with a night in. Put on your pjs, snuggle up on the sofa, and save the cinema for another day.

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