Bruce Willis labelled ‘clown’ after fans discover he was kicked out of store for ‘refusing’ to wear mask

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis
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Bruce Willis sparked fury earlier this week when people learned the actor was asked to leave a store for ‘refusing’ to wear a mask.

The Die Hard actor left Los Angeles Rite Aid pharmacy earlier this week after he walked the aisles without a mask, prompting shoppers to report him, Page Six first reported.

When an employee requested that he cover his face – with a bandana that was already tied around his neck – he gave a "disgruntled" look and left the store without purchasing anything.

Photos of the encounter later went viral, with people calling out the mask-less celebrity as an ‘idiot’ and a ‘clown’ when there is a surge of Covid cases in Los Angeles: “EVERYBODY has to Die hard Bruce??” one person wrote on Twitter.

Reality TV star Spencer Pratt tweeted, "Really bout that 'Die Hard' brand," while another person wrote: “Et tu Bruce?”

Others could not help but parody Die Hard on learning the news, writing “Die Hard 5.  Die Alone on a Vent” and “Die Hard: With A Ventilator”.

Some didn’t understand why he didn’t just use the bandana that was already around his neck: “But he has the damn scarf around his neck? WTF? Disappointed but, not really a fan,” one person commented.  

Willis’ refusal to wear a face covering may come as a bit of surprise, since in the past his family has been vocal about taking precautions during the pandemic.

In October, his wife, Emma Heming Willis, shared a photo of herself, Bruce and their two daughters wearing masks. She captioned the photo, "We are proud to support Sesame Workshop by wearing our @citizensofhumanity x @sesamestreet masks. The collection is designed for the whole family and benefits Sesame Workshop's COVID-19 relief initiative, #CaringForEachOther."

The actor later apologized for his ‘error in judgement’: "Be safe out there everyone and let's continue to mask up,” Willis told Peoplein a statement.

Others were less surprised, however, as one person wrote, “Bruce Willis has had a long conservative bent to him," noting the perceived link between conservative beliefs and a reluctance to wear masks.

In the past, Willis has been identified as a Republican who supported George W. Bush in 2000, Business Insider reported. But it’s not clear if he’s been a Trump supporter and he’s never suggested he is.

Either way, referencing another of Willis’ famous on screen appearances, political activist Femi Oluwole wrote, “Bruce Willis doesn’t see dead people”. 

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