In the Marvel comics universe, last year marked the official moment when African-American superhero Sam Wilson/The Falcon assumed the mantle of Captain America.

In the latest edition of the comic, Wilson battles the Sons of the Serpent, a supervillain group that hates all minorities and has clear echoes to the real-life Klu Klux Klan.

Because comics tend to reflect the issues of the day, the Sons of the Serpent are currently hellbent on stopping migrants from reaching the US, so Captain America takes them on at the US-Mexico border.

This was apparently too much for right-wing organisations such as the MacIver Institute, which published a video claiming Captain America had now effectively declared war on conservatives.

Inevitably, Fox News' Fox & Friends, which sounds a bit like a supervillain group itself, picked up on the story (after dubbing a black man becoming Captain America a "PR stunt").

Host Clayton Morris said: “He’s got a new odd enemy. Instead of going against Hydra and the typical Captain America villains, he’s going up against conservatives, that’s his new enemy.”

His co-host Tucker Carlson questioned why Captain America wasn't out there fighting Isis instead, while Morris noted wistfully that:

Back in the day, Captain America used to be punching Hitler in the face.

As Heather Childers noted on Fox & Friends: “Keep politics out of comic books."

Watch the video below:

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