Cardi B might be best known for her music, but coming in a close second is her hilarious use of Twitter.  

Over the past few years, she’s used her Twitter to call out everyone from her ex-husband, X of Migos, to random people she’s never met before. Her newest beef seems to be with one of the most unlikely characters – Peppa Pig.

Yes, you read that right. Cardi B seems to have a bone to pick with Peppa Pig – namely, her habits of stomping in a wet puddle. Peppa Pig is a well known kids tv character, and although she’s British, children all over the world tend to watch her show.  But Cardi B seems to have another set of issues with Peppa Pig.

In a tweet, Cardi B said,

“My baby been watching peppa pig and now every time she sees a wet puddle she wants to stomp on top of it…”

“That s**t gets me so tight ! F****n up her uggs... Deum you peppa pig ...COUNT YOUR F****N DAYS!"

The ‘WAP’ rapper’s language might not exactly be regular fare for Peppa Pig’s ears. Cardi B is referring to her daughter, Kulture, who she gave birth to in July of 2018, with her then partner Offset. Cardi B and Offset had reportedly filed for divorce in September, but have reportedly reconciled sinse.

People warned Cardi that she might not come out on top if she does go head to head with Peppa Pig.

Some even suggested other shoe choices for Kulture.

Peppa Pig herself is no stranger to controversy. Last year, there were even media reports of American children starting to speak with incredibly thick British accents – using British words like ‘mummy’ instead of ‘mom’ – after watching countless episodes of Peppa the Pig.

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