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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are cut from the same cloth as far as film stars go.

They're both goofy, they're both talented actors and they've both earned popularity through antics that make people think they'd be fun to have a beer with.

So Radio 1 recently decided the best thing to do with them, while promoting their upcoming film Passengers, was to put the pair in a darkened room and ask them to hurl insults at each other.

It made for some pretty entertaining video.

Go into your mind palace, read the quotes and try to guess who said it:

You are so dumb that I consciously make an effort not to use compound words or words more than three syllables.

It's such a shame to meet someone you thought you would like.

I recently told you you act like Adele sings... I hate Adele.

You are so old that your publicist is a registered nurse.

Want to hear more Hollywood put downs?

Watch the full video, below:

It looks like they enjoyed that way too much...

Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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