If you’ve been watching Selling Sunset, you’ll no doubt be aware of newcomer to the Oppenheim Group, Chrishell Hartley.

But her unusual first name has made headlines lately for its unique backstory.

Chrishell is reportedly a hybrid of “Chris” and “Shell” because her mother reportedly went into labour at a Shell service station and an attendant named Chris called for help.

And people couldn’t believe it:

It doesn’t stop there.

The Selling Sunset star’s name is legally Terrina Chrishell Stause – she just goes by her middle name.

Spoiler alert.

After Chrishell’s shock divorce from husband Justin Hartley in late 2019, she legally changed her name back to Terrina Chrishell Stause.

The end of season three saw the young star of the show go through her divorce while in the public eye.

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