Chrissy Teigen just got real about what it’s like after you give birth

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Chrissy Teigen recently gave birth to a baby boy.

Together with her husband and musician John Legend, the duo named the little tike Miles Theodore Stephens.

Like most babies, he's very cute.

The world congratulated the pair in the thousands, and sent messages of love across Instagram.

One fan wrote:

He’s beautiful. Looks a lot like daddy there, but I can see mommy in his chin


He looks like he’s already planning some songs to write down lol

However, it’s not a Chrissy Teigen post unless there’s a dollop of realness added, and she took to Twitter and revealed that her second birth was far easier than the first, with her daughter Luna.

With graphic detail included.

Other women wrote in with their birth experiences too...

There was also this adorable exchange:

She also shared this photo of her in a hospital robe, because realness.

And, as per usual, people loved the honesty.

A fan wrote:

Congrats!! Those stretch undies are the best things ever after baby. I also had ice diapers added to mine to help w swelling.

Another added:

OMG the fact that you posted this picture just makes me love you even more. That was me around the house when I had my daughter.

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