Celebrities in self-isolation are singing 'Imagine' and people are cringing more than is humanly possible

Celebrities in self-isolation are singing 'Imagine' and people are cringing more than is humanly possible

Coronavirus pre​ve​ntionmeasures are starting to come into effect around the world, and people in self isolation are starting to come together for creative projects.

Some are heartwarming – like virtual book clubs and gigs streamed online. Others seem to be missing the mark.

Like this one, for instance.

To raise morale, celebrities like Gal Godot, Mark Ruffalo, Jimmy Fallon, Zoe Kravitz and many others recorded videos of themselves singing ‘Imagine’ by the Beatles. Each of them recorded a video of themselves singing a line from the song, which was edited together and posted on Gadot’s Instagram.

But people on Twitter weren’t impressed.

One of the top responses to the original Twitter post is a clip from a viral TikTok influencer called Rosa, where she says, “Open your purse.”

Some users pointed out the fact that many of those celebrities were wealthy and could donate to other people who were in need. One user said: I've always hated this song. "Imagine no possessions" sung by some of the wealthiest people in the world”.

Comedian Alistair Green posted a parody video where he mimicked Crazy Frog instead of Imagine.

Other users also pointed out that everyone in the video could get tested for coronavirus without showing any symptoms at all. Another user asked why the celebrities in question weren’t just “opening their purses”.

Twitter user Richard Moynihan tweeted a link to the video and said, “bad things happen when celebrities can’t work”.

Other celebrities in the video include Pedro Pascal (from Game of Thrones), Jamie Dornan and Kristen Wiig. In the original post on Instagram, Gadot explains the reasoning behind the video.

But it seems the only things anyone wants to "imagine" is a world where this video (and coronavirus) don't exist.

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