This piece of advice from David Bowie remains more relevant than ever

This piece of advice from David Bowie remains more relevant than ever

David Bowie left this planet just over four years ago but his talent and wisdom continue to be transcendent.

During his life the musician was rarely without an insightful word to say and some quotes remain as relevant as ever.

Take for instance this one from a 1997 interview with the star, where he gives advice to creative people. He said:

Never play to the gallery, I think but you never learn that until much later on but never work for other people in what you do. 

Always remember that the reason you initially started working was that there was something inside yourself that if you felt you could manifest it in someway you would learn more about yourself and how you'll co-exist with the rest of society. 

I think it's terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfil other people's expectations. That's when people make their worst work when they do that.

He adds:

The other thing I would say is that if you feel safe in the area that you are working in your not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you think you are capable of being in. 

Go a little bit out of your depth and when you don't feel like your feet are quite touching the bottom you are just about in the right place to do something exciting. 

This clip comes from the 1997 Michael Apted documentary Inspirations where he talks about his love for other musicians like Lou Reed and Iggy Pop.

Although that film might not be so well known, Bowie's quote has almost reached iconic status and goes viral every time it is shared on social media. However his words in the current climate, when work for some is scarce, somehow feels more important than ever.

Given the number of interviews and footage that is available of Bowie there is no doubt that further inspiring quotes will emerge for years to come.

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