In a strange segment on The Breakfast Club radio show, internationally renowned music producer and internetmeme DJ Khaled made an unusual announcement.

He doesn't perform oral sex on his wife. Not one bit. But it's OK if she goes down on Khaled, who has dubbed himself 'The King'.

Khaled, who is 42-years-old, said that "a woman should praise the man" and that there are "different rules for men".

As he explained why he chose not to perform cunnilingus, the members of the radio show looked on flabbergasted - and rightfully so. Is he still a pre-pubescent or something?

While everyone is thinking about how sorry they felt for Nicole Tuck, aka Mrs Khaled, she found support from the most unlikely of sources: Smash Mouth.

Yeah, that's right, the other kings of internet memes who came to defend the ladies and their right to oral pleasure.

This kicked off a steady stream of amazing responses to Smash Mouth's tweet and, honestly, this is exactly what the internet was made for.

In fact, Smash Mouth have been vocal advocates of men pleasuring their women since January 2017.

We really wouldn't want to be in the DJ Khaled household today as we imagine that there might be an awkward atmosphere, but all we can say is 'great job internet!'

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