Composite: Getty Images (Jamie McCarthy) / Facebook (Stacey Walton)

Things are pretty crazy in the world of singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

With the debut of his latest studio album ÷ ('divide'), the unassuming Yorkshire boy is dominating the singles charts like never before.

In fact, thinking out loud, he's one of the biggest faces in the business.

So it was only a matter of time before the Shape Of You singer had his own little Doppelgänger...

Meet Mini Ed Sheeran.


This little Galway Girl (see what we did there?) is actually two-year-old Isla Walton, of Exeter.

According to an interview her aunt Stacey gave theSunOnline:

Everyone comments saying how shes a mini Ed, and I call her baby Sheeran.

She loves his music, tries to sing along to the words and has a dance.

And now I'm singing like...

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