We asked Elizabeth Banks to read quotes from the Shit People Say To Women Directors tumblr

"The numbers are not with us and they don't lie," Elizabeth Banks admits when discussing the difficulty women have in Hollywood.

Banks has just directed her first film, Pitch Perfect 2, and did so because she "felt under-used" in the film industry.

The numbers are definitely not with Banks: a recent Sundance Institute and Women in Film study found that almost half of the film industry believed that movies directed by women appealed to a smaller audience. Astonishingly, 12 per cent even said that women can't handle large crews.

Thus, it came as no surprise that a new tumblr called Shit People Say To Women Directors has started to attract attention. The blog allows women to list the various sexist moments and conversations they have had while on set in Hollywood.

We got Elizabeth Banks to read a few lines from the blog:

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