Whatever you do, don't tell Indonesian women not to take selfies

Indonesian women have taken a stand against a prominent author, speaker and self-styled cleric who took to Twitter last week declaring that selfies are a sin in Islam - by trolling him with endless selfies.

Felix Siauw, 30, posted a 17-point manifesto in which he branded women who take selfies as succumbing to pride, arrogance and ostentatiousness, according to a translation by Coconuts Jakarta.

Siauw has over a million followers on Twitter and describes himself as a person who seeks "the establishment of a sharia-caliphate" and is a "servant of Allah".

But many Indonesian women (and men) didn't agree with him, and have taken to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Selfie4Siauw.

Well played, ladies, well played.

And gentlemen, too.

And cats.

... and Lord Voldemort.

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