Mark Kermode savages 'dumb' Exorcist: Believer in explosive 8 minute rant

Mark Kermode savages 'dumb' Exorcist: Believer in explosive 8 minute rant
The Exorcist: Believer (Trailer 2)
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The latest Exorcist film, Exorcist: Believer, has been savaged by Mark Kermode, who tore apart David Gordon-Green's film.

Movie buffs probably should have known what was coming when Kermode of Kermode and Mayo's Take posted a selfie earlier this week with his head in his hands.

When it came to offer up his thoughts on Believer, Kermode didn't require much push from co-host Simon Mayo.

"You have eight minutes to talk about The Exorcist: Believer," offered Mayo, before Kermode immediately delivered.

"The Exorcist: Believer would like us to see it as a 'requel' to The Exorcist from the makers of the [new] Halloween series (David Gordon-Green). It is better seen as a 'requel' by the makers of Pineapple Express and Your Highness, but it is less funny and indeed less scary than either of those films. It is not good," he said.


After explaining the plot points and kitschy throwbacks of the new film, Kermode then explains the madcap final act.

"Everything then goes completely formulaic, heads get turned, vomit gets spewed, bodies get levitated - we move towards an Avengers finale in which everyone decides to have a go [at exorcism].

"Despite the absolute stupidity of it all, it is staggeringly dull. Roger Ebert reviewing Beyond The Door said 'it's all trash, but it's scary trash', this is just trash. It is not scary at all. There's a Turkish 'Exorcist' called 'Şeytan' which fundamentally understands The Exorcist better than this."

Mark Kermode reviews The Exorcist: Believer - Kermode and Mayo's

As for the future of the newly established film series that Believer begins, which will mirror the Halloween 'requels' as a ready-planned trilogy, Kermode had thoughts.

"It is apparently the beginning of a trilogy, after which we have Exorcist: Deciever, presumably followed by "Exorcist: Asleeper". It is a movie made by people who have seen the original, but have not seen the original.

"It is dumb, dumb, boring. Bad as it could've been, and then some."

Kermode's scathing review should come as no surprise - the Exorcist is his favourite film.

"It works for me, and it works every time. Every time I see it, it looks a different film. I've seen it 200 times, I've taken it apart, it works," said the film reviewer and Exorcist fanatic in 2011.

You can watch the latest review in full here.

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