Two reality TV stars have shared the most bizarre Flat Earth theory yet

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Just when you thought you had heard the most ridiculous flat earth theories, reality TV stars wade into the debate.

Yes, we know that there are a few celebrities who have come out as Flat Earthers in the past. but the stars of Geordie Shore may have just topped everyone with their thorough analysis of the shape of the planet.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry - both stars of the popular reality show set in Newcastle - admitted that they became flat earth believers after a flight to Australia.

The newest series of Geordie Shore has been filmed Down Under and their flight path is what changed their opinion, as 21-year-old Sam explained:

I’ve got a theory. They say the world is a circle but I think it’s flat.

For instance, when has anyone ever walked or flew and suddenly gone down?

That never happens. Even when you go to Australia you go straight along.


We can see the logic here, ish - but honestly the notion that you should have to fly directly down in order to reach a country in the southern hemisphere defies all the physics we know.

Sam, who has also appeared on Love Island, continued by adding that flying back to Australia would require you to carry on flying around in a circle and not go back the route that you came.

I’m being deadly serious...if the world was round then when you flew to Australia you’d have to go at a downward angle. But it doesn’t.

Also, if the world was round then when you came back from Australia you could just carry on round.

But you don’ go back the way you came, through Thailand.

Sam also struggled with the concept that the Earth orbits the sun, the movements of clouds and how you aren't upside down when in Australia.

In addition, Chloe - spoken like a true conspiracy theorist - believes that scientists have been lying to us about all sorts of things.

I think the scientists are lying. They lie. The world is not round.

They lie to us about loads of stuff. 

It doesn't make sense.

People who understand it should work for Nissan...sorry, I mean Nasa.

Chloe also had some interesting thoughts on the Bermuda Triangle, which in all fairness is a mystery that a lot of people are still trying to get their heads around. The 22-year-old said:

I’m also confused about the Bermuda Triangle. I struggle to even say it.

The thing about the Bermuda Triangle is no-one knows what’s going on...I want to know what’s in there.

Although it is easy to mock Flat Earthers, we can't begrudge someone for wanting to believe in something.

A major flat earth theorist Connor Murphy recently told UniLad that Flat Earthers don't like to feel that they are being controlled and told what to think by Nasa.

The money raised by NASA alone since their inception is something like fifteen trillion dollars, and with that money, they’ve really shown little for their work.

They’re releasing composite images and articles and telling you this is what’s happening, this is what we’re doing, and we spent seven hundred million dollars to get this photo of Pluto that we had to put together in Photoshop.

A second thing is to make people feel insignificant. It makes you feel like you’re an insignificant speck of dust and therefore you’re easy to control.

With that being said, we cannot state this any more clearly...the Earth is round.

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