Florence Pugh fans are desperate for her to get her own ‘Cooking with Flo’ series

Florence Pugh’s latest cookery tutorial has brought viewers a much-needed serotonin boost.

The Little Women star posted a new “cooking with Flo” session to her Instagram stories on Monday morning (UK time).

The British actress, 25, has donned an apron and delighted fans with the sporadic lessons over the past year.

Dishes have included roast chicken, “scrap ratatouille”, pizza dough and marmalade.

Yesterday’s offering was a chickpea and butterbean salad which, after stumbling over her words, Pugh christened a “beanie fart salad”.

Describing it as “pungent but tasty”, Pugh admitted she was making it all up as she went along, although she was clearly happy with the results.

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Having explained that the creation was intended as a side-salad to a meal of white fish and slaw later that evening, she ended the stream by walking off with the bowl saying: “I think I might just eat this.”

Twitter users have shared their joy at the latest installment:

And scores of fans have called for the Oscar nominee to get her own cookery show:

Who knows whether she’ll ever give up her day job to pursue a career as a celebrity chef.

But, if she does, Pugh might just give the likes of Gordon Ramsay a run for their money.

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