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Social media is dark and full of terrors... But it's also features some pretty hilarious moments too.

Take this chance encounter between Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, and young fan Olivia Bowes.

After running into the actor at Selfridges, Olivia posted a selfie to Instagram with the caption:

Unlike Theon I grew some balls and asked for a photo🍆🍒

For those who don't know, and don't care about spoilers, Theon was famously castrated on the show by the bastard Ramsay Bolton.

Picture: HBO

However, it turns out that might not have been the case.

Alfie Allen, an Instagram user himself, replied to the post in the comments simply saying.

Actually your Mum asked for you.

The reply was spotted by Game of Thrones fan Alexia who tweeted:

Apply cold water to that dragon burn.

Picture:Picture: HBO

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