Gwyneth Paltrow branded 'inappropriate' after giving her son a 'boob puzzle, just for fun'

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Hollywood actor Gwyneth Paltrow has raised eyebrows after she revealed that she brought her 14-year-old son a 'boob jigsaw puzzle' to keep him occupied during lockdown.

In a blog post on her Goop website the Avengers star revealed how she has been maintaining her and her family's wellness during the coronavirus pandemic. Amongst the items listed include food, drink, clothing, health products, Trivial Pursuit and a 450-piece puzzle for her son Moses featuring nothing but illustrations of breasts adding that she brought it "just for fun."

Picture:Picture: Jiggly Puzzes/ Screengrab

Paltrow's admission certain caused some alarm as although most straight pubescent teenage boys would love to be presented with a picture of breasts the fact that it came from his own mother might have made things a little bit awkward for the youngster.

Last month, the 47-year-old American caused some minor controversy after she released a candle called 'smells like my orgasm' which was a sequel to Goop's 'vagina candle.' Needless to say, Paltrow is definitely doing lockdown a lot different from everyone else.

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