Ice Cube faces backlash after claim that he'd 'never endorse Trump' resurfaces now they're working together

The internet never forgets.

Perhaps someone should have reminded rapper Ice Cube of this little adage so he could have run a cursory social media scrub.

The musician has come under fire recently after it was revealed he’s been working with Donald Trump’s administration on the Platinum Plan, which is supposed to create three million jobs for Black Americans.

Ice Cube’s involvement was revealed by Trump advisor and loyalist, Katrina Pierson, who thanked him for “stepping up”.

Ice Cube defended his role in assisting Trump’s team, clarifying that he had been contacted by both Democrats and Republicans.

He also told a fan that “[Black Americans] can’t afford not to negotiate with whoever is in power or our condition in this country will never change”.

However, many still were skeptical of Ice Cube’s reasoning, saying he was being used as a ‘pawn’ by the Trump administration.

People even compared Ice Cube’s work with Trump as akin to ‘endorsing’ the president.

Which is why Ice Cube’s old tweets slamming Trump have been dug up.

“I will never endorse a motherf***a like Donald Trump,” the rapper tweeted in 2016. “EVER!!!”

And even though it must be stressed that Ice Cube has not endorsed Trump, in light of recent news, people are side-eyeing his previous declaration.

He got the ‘this you?’ treatment. Ouch.

Others said it reflected pretty badly on Trump’s campaign.

While some said they weren’t surprised – just “disappointed”.

Remember: delete your tweets before doing something controversial.

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