People think this Jennifer Lawrence movie is a sign US is plunging into recession

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People think this Jennifer Lawrence movie is a sign US is plunging into a recession

They say there are ways to spot a potential recession without looking at financial data, and one of them is the type of media people consume.

When people are experiencing financial hardships, they will often choose to watch a comedy to take their minds off things.

And a new raunchy comedy, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is giving people the same vibe as comedies released during a recession.

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No Hard Feelings is about a woman (Lawrence) who is hired to try and sleep with a sheltered 19-year-old boy before he goes off to college.

The R-rated film comes out this summer but just from the trailer, people think it’s going to be very funny.

Given the absurd, raunchy mood of the film, many believe it could be an indicator of a recession because similar films were made during the Great Recession.

The Hangover, Step Brothers, Bridesmaids, Ted, and Tropic Thunder were all released between 2008 and 2012.

One 2012 report from The Guardianindicated several networks ordered more sitcoms and comedies than any other type of programme.

Reuters reported in 2008 that Hollywood executives expected comedies to become more popular due to the Great Recession.

With inflation continuing to rise, the cost of living crisis hitting people across major cities, and layoffs affecting major companies- some are preparing themselves for the worst.

But apparently with every recession comes a load of ridiculous comedies- so that's something to look forward to.

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