Jimmy Kimmel is currently on holiday leaving his show to be filled in by guest hosts, one of whom has been the singer Dua Lipa.

The British pop star might not have seemed like a conventional choice to have stepped in for Kimmel but judging by her opening monologue she might have a career in television, if the music stuff doesn't work out.

However, her monologue didn't go down quite so well with everyone. A male detractor replied to the above Instagram post by saying:

Women still aren't funny.

We can't be sure how much this person knows about comedy, but he should probably think twice before posting something like that, because before he knew it he received a reply from Kimmel that said:

Maybe if one talks to you someday you'll change your mind.

We can't be sure if it is actually Kimmel who is running this account or a social media manager, but there is no denying that this is a pretty spot-on response to sexism.

Kimmel's show has been running throughout the pandemic but he has gone on hiatus for a few months in order to have some time off with his family.

Other guest hosts have so far included Anthony Anderson, Rob Lowe, Billy Eichner and comedian Sarah Cooper.

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