John Legend accepted his Grammy award while mincing garlic


Chrissy Teigen/Screengrab

The 2021 Grammy Awards ceremony that took place last night was a smaller affair than usual due to covid regulations, which meant some nominees were able to stay home and accept their awards - singer John Legend was one such artist.

While at home preparing dinner, it was revealed he’d won a Grammy and his response was fantastic.

In a video posted on Twitter by equally adored wife Chrissy Teigen, she tells the two-time Grammy winner that he was won yet another one, for the R&B album of the Year.

But, it was the nonchalance and relatable setting in which he accepted his award that people loved as Legend was preparing food in a robe at the time.

In the sweet video, Teigen can be heard telling Legend: “John, you just won R&B Album of the Year. How are you going to celebrate?” The singer then very matter of factly replies, “mincing garlic”, to which the pair both cheer.

Twitter users found it adorable and some remarked that it was much better than a regular awards show. One user called for “minced garlic for everyone”.

They really are the ultimate entertainment power couple.

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