Kate Winslet has been honoured by her home town in the most unusual way

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A lucky bin lorry in Reading has been gifted an extra sparkle of glamour in what is otherwise an undoubtedly rubbish day-to-day life.

The recycling lorry, called Kate Binslet, was named in tribute to the near-namesake and award-winning actor Kate Winslet, who was born in in Reading.

In a Facebook poll run by council contractor re3, Kate Binslet overtook Tyra Bring Banks with 77 per cent of the vote to join fellow winner Jar Jar Clinks as the latest additions to the town's waste management fleet.

This has surely eclipsed Winslet's 2009 Oscar as her greatest achievement to date.

Chris Bowry, who submitted the name, told the BBC his inspiration behind the name:

Kate Winslet was born in Reading.

What a better way to honour her legacy than to turn her name into a recycling lorry?

A spokesperson for re3, who run Reading Borough Council's waste services, said:

Choosing Kate Binslet is a real win for everyone, our residents did not disappoint us.

It certainly shows that people recognise her as local treasure and we really hope that having this world class celebrity behind our truck name will help us further raise the importance of recycling.

The craze of public votes to name council lorries gained unstoppable momentum after Doncaster voted to name two gritting lorries and all of us - hopefully including Kate Winslet - seem to be no closer to getting bored of it.

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