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Remember when Doncaster voted to name two gritting lorries and everyone thought it was the best thing ever? Well, Scotland has beaten everyone hands down.

Sir Andy Flurry, GrittieMcVittie and Gritty Gritty Bang Bang are just a few of the salt-spreading heroes traversing Scotland's roads, ensuring they remain free from ice and snow.

And (finally) there is an online app for all your Scottish gritter-tracking needs, just in time to see the lorries get to work after large parts of Scotland got snowed under overnight.

The Trunk Road Gritter Tracker provides live-tracking of gritters - and not just so you can have a laugh. Itupdates Scotland's drivers on which of its 208 gritters are out tackling the winter conditions.

Here is the gritting situation in Edinburgh at the time of writing:

Picture:Picture: Trunk Road Gritter Tracker 

As you can see, Snowball and Snow Destroyer are tackling the slippery of the A904 together, while Ice Queen and The Golden Great Gritter are travelling due North, possibly into harsher conditions.

Meanwhile, Sir Salter Scott is nobly taken the urban sprawl of Broxburn. In fact, he is so dedicated to squashing any possibility of snow that he appears to have gone off-road:

Picture:Picture: Trunk Road Gritter Tracker 

The gritters were named in competitions for apparently wonderfully witty primary school children, set up by Bear Scotland.

Twitter was immediately obsessed.

Do what you will with all this new gritter information.

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