Keanu Reeves posed for a photo with couple on their wedding day and it was excellent

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We can't be sure about this but it's possible that everyone on the planet loves Keanu Reeves and if there are any haters, we don't want know about them.

The John Wick star has become something of an unofficial Internet hero and living-breathing meme with Twitter accounts dedicated to him 'doing things.'

There are even bizarre theories that he is immortal, which he is kinda down with.

Basically anything he does at the moment is brilliant so can you imagine what it would be like if he turned up at your wedding and posed for a picture with you and your other half?

That's exactly what happened to newlyweds Jarrod Camara and Leslie Walker who recently tied the knot in Santa Cruz, California.

The Matrix actor was spotted by one of the groomsmen just hanging out in motorcycle gear at the bar in the Dream Inn hotel where the ceremony took place, because that's what awesome Hollywood actors do.

When they approached him for a picture, which apparently took place before the wedding, he gladly obliged and even threw up some devil horns to show his approval of their joining in holy matrimony.

The above image which was posted a day after Reeves 54 birthday picked up a lot of traction online and even made its way on to the Keanu Being Awesome subreddit after the groom's brother shared it online.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Jordan Camara, the groom's brother, said that Reeves was a cool as you would expect:

My brother went over and Keanu got right up and shook everyone’s hands and then did that awesome pose for the picture.

He was just as calm and cool as you would think he’d be and he was happy to take a picture with them.

It was really just a couple minutes right before the wedding but it made the bride and groom super happy right before they tied the knot.

Amazingly this isn't the first time that Reeves has appeared in a picture with a newly married couple.

Just a few weeks ago he was snapped alongside Moray and Maura in New York City and appeared to be just as happy.

Keanu Reeves, everyone. Living his best life.

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