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The Merriam-Webster Twitter account and president Donald Trump are no strangers to each other.

The American dictionary publishers regularly troll the President whenever he says or does something that is completely illogical.

They almost always correct the POTUS in real-time and once tried to figure out what 'covfefe' meant but to no avail.

Now they are pressing him on a more important issue.

The controversial policy of separating children from their parents, who have illegally crossed the US border, has reached new heights in the past few days.

Distressing reports have recently come to light about how badly some of the children are being treated, including images of children being detained in cages.

Despite this resounding evidence being clear to see for all the US Department of Homeland Security are seemingly denying it.

On Sunday, the secretary of the DHS Kirstjen Nielsen said that the agency does not "have a policy of separating families at the border".

She also vowed that most of the children that were being held had been sent to the border alone, that detention centres were of high standards and that the infants are fed, educated, given medical care and have access to televisions.

Elsewhere, at roughly the same time as Nielsen was giving this statement, Merriam-Webster decided to tweet about the term 'gas light.'

This reference to the term, where someone tries to convince another person that they are going insane, might be a subtle dig at the administration - and it didn't go unnoticed.

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