5 of the most controversial things Kylie Jenner has been accused of doing

Kylie Jenner may only be 23 years old, but she’s already one of the most famous faces in the world.

As anyone who’s graduated from the Kris Jenner school of media knows, all publicity is good publicity.

But perhaps not good enough, as last month it was revealed that the family's flagship media output, their reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is set to be cancelled after this season.

Despite Kim being arguably the key to the family's success, it's Kylie Jenner who has recently found herself in the limelight – although not always for positive reasons.

Here’s five of the most problematic things Kylie Jenner has been accused of.

1. Using a wheelchair as a photoshoot prop

Lord, remember this? For a shoot in Interview magazine, Kylie hopped into a wheelchair. Because apparently it was the hot new prop of the day. Shouts of ‘ableist’ quickly followed from people who rightly pointed out that this was their lives, not a fashion accessory.

An apology from Kylie? Not so much.

2. Wearing mink fur (after posting about wildlife deaths in Australia)

Jenner clearly handles her social media by herself because a manager would have surely told her not to follow up a story about Australian wildlife being killed in bushfires with… a picture of her new Louis Vuitton mink slippers.

Fashion fur, including mink, is known for being a notably “cruel” trade and has long been opposed by animal rights activists. So Kylie’s concern for the animals in Australia struck somewhat of a hollow note.

Maybe she just mixed up which part is meant to be faux?

3. Cultural appropriation, of course

Look, are you even a Kardashian-Jenner if you don’t get accused of cultural appropriation at some point during your career?

Like her sisters, Kylie has been accused of appropriating from Black culture on repeated occasions. These have ranged from allegations of ripping off clothing designs from Black-owned brands to wearing traditionally Black hairstyles, like braids, divorced of context.

4. Saying she was a billionaire when she probably wasn't a billionaire

What’s worse than being a billionaire? Make it seem like you’re a billionaire.

According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner and momager, Kris Jenner went to great lengths to make out that Kylie was the youngest ‘self-made’ (OK…) woman billionaire they’d ever seen, thanks to her business, Kylie Cosmetics. As a result, she got a Forbes cover and a patina of legitimacy.

But upon the sale of the majority of the company to make-up giant COTY, it emerged that it was worth far, far less than what Kylie and co had claimed. Forbes, furious at being ‘tricked,’ immediately outed Jenner as not being a billionaire. In fact, they said, she was only (!) worth $900m. Yes, paltry amount. Still, it embarrassed Kylie enough to go on a surprisingly spirited rant on Twitter. Everyone else though looked on with distaste.

5. Not being a generous tipper

Earlier this year former hostess Julia Carol Ann posted a TikTok video in which she rated celebrities she'd served while working in a restaurant.

She claimed that while Jenner was "fine" as a customer, she tipped $20 on a $500 dinner bill.

Diners in America are encouraged to leave tips ranging from 15 to 20 per cent, which would have been about $100 on Kylie’s cheque. Instead, her tip was reportedly only 4 per cent of the total.

Not a cute look.

Maybe 2021 will bring with it more chances to "realise things" for Kylie... like how to avoid controversy.

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