A Love Island sex tape has gone missing

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Earlier this year British TV audiences were captivated by the saucy happenings of the ITV reality show Love Island.

The series saw a group of good looking men and women placed in a luxury villa who went on to pair up with each other, in the hopes of remaining on the show and winning the grand prize.

It was basically Big Brother but with more swimsuits, sunshine and intimacy.

The last place that you would typically associate with the show is a motorway service station in Peterborough, but this is 2017 - anything can happen.

A publicist in posession of a sex tape of an unnamed couple from the series has managed to lose the SD card that the footage was housed on.

The Mirror report that Rob Cooper had just finished a client photo shoot when he pulled into the service station, leaving the item in the car.

When he returned, his car had been allegedly broken into and the x-rated content had been taken.

Cooper explained what happened:

The laptop and three SD cards were in a laptop sleeve placed in the footwell on the passengers side alongside some paperwork.

I was on the phone to another client via a handsfree kit, so when I pulled into the services I ended the call at 6:06pm, then after spending ten minutes inside I reconnected the phone and continued my journey at 6:17pm, that's how I can be so specific on timings.

When I returned to the car, I noticed that the door was slightly jarred open, however, there was a Louis Vuitton backpack on the back seat which was still there so I assumed I was just being paranoid - when I got home I realised the laptop sleeve was gone along with its contents.

The tape is said to have been filmed back in August, shortly after the conclusion of the show's third season.

The couple in question, who reportedly had sex on the show, had agreed to sell and release the tape for the fee of £100,000.

Vivid Entertainment, who have previously released sex tapes featuring Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, were hoping to release it but negotiations were put on hold.

Rob is now concerned that the footage might be leaked online but a generous reward is on offer should it be returned.

If the images get into the wrong hands, they could be uploaded online, that's why we've decided to make it public and offer a generous reward for their safe return of the individually coded bag.

The images are worthless to anyone who may have them, they are classed as stolen goods and if the images were to be uploaded then the vendor is committing revenge porn, which is obviously illegal.

If the card is returned untampered the reward will be £25k, but if it has been accessed the reward will be £10k - with a further £5k being paid over the course of three yearly payments, should the footage not be uploaded to the Internet.

Although the couple have reportedly been understanding as to how this could have happened they have had to take precautions should the tape become public without their consent.

Rob adds:

If the footage is returned and does not appear online then that's the end of it, however, if the footage appears online and the card is not returned then we will be taking legal action.

The couple have had to make their families aware of the situation and prepare them in advance in case the intimate footage is leaked.

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