Sex on Love Island will “ruin your life”


For the uninitiated, ITV2's Love Island must seem like a bit of a modern day mystery - but with around two million viewers tuning in to see sun soaked escapades it seems to have firmly cemented itself in the nation's nightly viewing schedule.

The programme involves a group of single people meeting up at a fancy villa in Majorca and coupling up with each other to remain on the show. Simple.

This year the roster of single types includes Blazin’ Squad’s Marcel, who is a bit of a boaster, but everyone seems to be forgetting about a particular controversial contestant from last year.

Zara Holland has major regrets over having sex in the villa after it was broadcast on ITV last summer.

She was famously stripped of her Miss GB pageant crown, won in 2015, just two days after bedding Alex Bowen on the island last summer.

The official Miss GB Twitter account released a statement claiming Holland “did not uphold the responsibility expected of the title”.

Speaking in the Sun’s Bizarre column one year after her rather personal TV moment, Holland explained that sex on the island has in fact “cost her everything”.

She warned:

All I say is think before you do it.

If you have kids they will see that. You know what kids are like in school. But it’s Love Island – some contestants go on there to find love, I don’t know about all of them.

Though Zara regrets the deed that put her in a difficult situation, she doesn’t judge others for doing the same.

Why is sex such a big thing? If they’re together from day one and they’re there to the end, it’s only seven weeks – not even two months – in the real world would you see someone every day? No.

So a relationship is going to progress in there. Let's face it - everybody does do it.

And everyone does, especially on Love Island.

This year’s contestants Montana Brown and Alex Beattie are the third couple to have sex in the villa this series. Luckily for them, they don’t have the very particular morality of beauty pageants to uphold.

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