Mariah Carey fans have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in a viral campaign to get the soundtrack to her 2001 album Glitter reevaluated.

The notoriously bad 2001 film of the same name was such a colossal flop that it resulted in the album performing badly in sales, eventually leading to Carey disowning it all together.

Her fans feel that it isn't that bad and after a viral campaign succeeded in increasing its sales by an incredible 10,000 per cent resulting in it reaching number one in the iTunes charts.

That's great news for the 48-year-old singer but she might be less pleased to hear about the unfortunate hashtag attached to the campaign.

On paper, #JusticeForGlitter probably sounds OK to a large amount of her fanbase but in the UK, 'Justice For Glitter' reads as something much more problematic.

If you aren't quite aware of what is going on here, the rather unfortunate hashtag makes it sound like her fans are calling for justice for Gary Glitter the disgraced former rock star, who was convicted on child sex offences in 2006.

Yeah, Mariah fans might wanna rethink this one or risk tarnishing that album even more.

HT Metro

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