The fight scene from Marriage Story has become a hilarious meme

The fight scene from Marriage Story has become a hilarious meme

One of the year's most anticipated movies, Marriage Story, dropped on Netflix last weekend and has already created a lot of buzz and discussion on social media.

The film, featuring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver as a couple going through an amicable but at times messy divorce, has received Six Golden Globe nominations and rightfully so.

That being said, although the movie isn't to everyone's taste, many have been revelling in a viral meme, taken from a pivotal scene in the Noah Baumbach film.

Around halfway through, the couple – whose separation hasn't featured any bad blood until this point – end up having a heated and emotional argument, which is arguably the most powerful scene in the movie.

As it's available to everyone with a Netflix account, this poignant scene has become a perfect meme – not dissimilar to the American Chopper meme that dominated Twitter last year.

Indeed the two memes have even crossed over.

Others have used it to make comments on fashion, Star Wars and Johansson's problematic relationship with Woody Allen.

We're not sure if it's up there with The Joker memes but there is no denying that it is very funny.

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