Meet Midnighter, the gay superhero about to hit the big time

Meet Midnighter, the gay superhero about to hit the big time

So who is this, then? Batman’s lesser-known brother?

No, he’s called Midnighter, and he’s about to hit the big time in the world of comics.

What’s happening?

A mainstream comic book publisher has given Midnighter his own solo series – a world first for a gay male superhero. As a member of the rogue superhero team, The Authority, he will have his own monthly title, DC Comics has announced.

How long has he been waiting for his big break?

Midnighter, created in 1998 by the writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch, first appeared along with his long-term partner (now husband) Apollo as part of DC’s Wildstorm Comics imprint.

What superpowers does he have?

Midnighter is the product of bio-engineered enhancements. He possesses superhuman strength, speed and resilience.

Faster than a speeding bullet, you might say?

He shares some characteristics with more illustrious superheroes, but Midnighter has some remarkable qualities of his own, such as the power to suppress pain and the ability to predict a battle’s outcome before it starts.

Anything else?

A healing factor that allows him to recover rapidly. Some of the injuries he has sustained include a broken neck, broken limbs and holes through his chest.

Blimey, he’s been in the wars!

It comes with the territory. The new series, written by Steve Orlando, is expected to hit shelves in June. Orlando said: “Midnighter was a huge character for me when I was young. Showed me there was no one way to be confident, LGBT and awesome.” Fans and critics have hailed the move as a positive commitment to LGBT representation.

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