Girl, 11, writes inspiring letter about lack of female superheroes

An 11-year-old girl wrote an inspiring letter to DC about the lack of female superheroes in their comics.

Rowan explained her dismay at finding only two of the 12 "Justice League" figurines she received for her birthday were female and that the company has made films about Superman and Batman but not one about Wonder Woman.

David Perry

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Rowan's mother Renee explained that her daughter's frustration was mainly born out of not being able to find costumes of female superheroes when there were so many options for boys.

In a new blog post, Perry responded to some of the letter's critics by backing up this point:

Plenty of people (though a small fraction of the hundreds of interactions I've now had about this tweet) criticized the letter by pointing out how many female characters there were in the DC Universe. This doesn't in fact contradict Rowan's letter, but is Rowan's point. She loves Hawkgirl. Where's the Hawkgirl merchandise?

  • David Perry
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