Paul Rudd hands out cookies to voters queueing in the rain

Lars Niki/Getty Images for BAM/Brian Rosenworcel/Twitter

In an unsurprising turn of events, Paul Rudd continues to be a global treasure.

There are numerous benefits to voting: performing your civic duty, having your voice heard in the democratic process, the satisfaction of dropping your ballot in the box. But for some lucky voters, there was the added bonus of meeting Paul Rudd.

As voters in Brooklyn headed to the polls in the rain, they were rewarded in the best way: with a cookie from the Ant-Man and Clueless star. The actor waited outside the Barclays Center with a basket of treats for New Yorkers waiting in the long queues.

And if you’re curious about the flavour, it was “blueberry and cream”.

In fact, he handed out quite a lot of cookies.

In normal circumstances, you probably shouldn’t accept sweets from strangers, but…

The actor, who was joined by filmmaker Andrew Jarecki, was also interviewed about his decision to give out cookies. He said that he wanted to thank people who were “getting wet” and “doing their part as citizens” during a torrential downpour in Brooklyn:

One of the things that’s been really encouraging is seeing how many people are coming out early and voting all across the country. Anybody who is waiting in line deserves to be thanked and encouraged and recognised. And that’s what we wanted to do. And we figured people would be waiting in line even in the rain, and they are.

That’s one way to encourage people to vote.

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