Pokemon Go: Taiwan grandfather attaches 11 smartphones to his bike so that he can play game

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It's a well known fact that in order to live a full, fulfilling life, it's important to have hobbies, and the elderly are no exception to that rule.

Now, meet 69-year-old Feng Shui master Chen San Yuan, from Taiwan. He's got a hobby that's traditionally thought of as the pass time of children. Chen San Yuan quite literally loves Pokemon Go.

He loves it so much that he has hooked up 11 smartphones to his bicycle, which he then cycles around New Taipei City, Taiwan, in order to catch said monsters.

Picture:Picture: (EPA-EFE / David Chang )

It all started for Chen in 2016, when his grandson taught him how to use the game. Very quickly, he fell in love with the augmented reality app, and he got completely hooked.

Now, he spends all of his free time catching Pokemon on his home-made contraption on the streets and out in parks, which he keeps charged with a handy battery pack attached to his bicycle.

Chen, who has become a local celebrity, and is affectionately known as 'Uncle Pokemon', sometimes doesn't get home until 4am because of his addiction to the game. He plays the game five or six days a week, and can sometimes play for up to 20 hours at a time, reports

Picture:Picture: (EPA-EFE / David Chang )

Despite the fact his phones cost him a total of £1,165 a month, he is still determined to up the amount to 15.

However, all the fuss is worth it because ne believes that his full-time hobby helps him stave off Alzheimer disease and connect with people. He also likes to play peacefully by setting up his own gyms, and not taking over other people's.

Speaking to EXP.GG, he said:

Taking the gym hurts other people's feelings so I always buy items to use. 

I won't challenge the gym, that makes people unhappy. 

Does he have a favourite Pokemon?

I like every one of them!

We say good on you, Chen!

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