QAnon conspiracy theorists fall for Facebook post featuring images from a Quentin Tarantino movie

QAnon conspiracy theorists fall for Facebook post featuring images from a Quentin Tarantino movie
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What happens when a bizarre conspiracy theory meets a trailer for a fake movie? Well, a recipe for a whole load of misinformation.

AsUSA Today reports, a Facebook post (warning: features disturbing imagery) shared on 21st February that promoted a QAnon conspiracy theory that claimed there was a deep state plot that involved cannibalism. The post read ‘The choice to know will be yours, the truth is out there WWG1WGA’ and featured grotesque images of two human bodies being served like roast turkeys at a dinner table.

Unsurprisingly, the images aren’t real in the slightest and actually come from the set of a trailer for a fake movie made in 2007. Thanksgiving was part of a set of trailers that were included in the Grindhouse release, a double feature that included movies from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez as well as trailers for fictional films made by the likes of Rob Zombie and Edgar Wright.

Thanksgiving was made by Eli Roth, a director well known for his gory horror films such as Hostel and Cabin Fever. The trailer is still available on YouTube but be warned, it features some very NSFW imagery. A short behind-the-scenes documentary of the trailer is also available on YouTube as well as the Tarantino archive, which might explain where the images for the Facebook post came from.

The post uses the QAnon acronym WWG1WGA, which stands for ‘Where We Go One We Go All.’ Although the images in the post were clearly faked it was still shared several hundred times before Facebook flagged it for spreading false information. Many of the comments seemed appalled by the images but others did point out that they were from a movie.

QAnon comprises several different bizarre and wide-ranging conspiracy theories about the ‘deep state’ that include cannibalism and a satanic cabal of paedophiles who attempted to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.

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