Rebecca Black releases first album 12 years after 'Friday' hit - and the fan verdict is in

Rebecca Black releases first album 12 years after 'Friday' hit - and the fan verdict is in
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Rebecca Black is letting Friday burn.

On Friday, Black, 25, released her first album called Let Her Burn - a monumental moment in any musician’s career.

But the release also marks a special day for Black as 12 years ago today she released her hit song Friday which sent her to internet fame.

In 2011, Black was made a household name after millions of people mocked her for the highly autotuned, silly song.

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But today, Black is proving herself as a well-respected musician by showing off her vocal talents and songwriting abilities in Let Her Burn.

“I’ve spent about half my life dreaming of this day,” Black wrote in an Instagram post. “I don’t know if I’d ever be able to articulate to my 13-year-old self just how sweet this warmth feels.”

While this may be Black’s first album it’s not the first time the musician has released music since she skyrocketed to viral fame in 2011.

Black has released two EPs and several singles, including a remix version of Friday.

But fans are sure that Let Her Burn will be Black’s introduction to mainstream pop music as they hailed the musician as a “genius” for releasing it on the same day as Friday’s anniversary.

Black told NPR in an interview that the reason there were 12 years between her debut song and debut album was that she needed time to find her voice and people to back her as an independent artist.

"As an 18-year-old, as a 16-year-old, as a 23-year-old, I was desperate to put out a full-length album. Especially as somebody who enjoys music and is so interested in music culture as I am, I have always died to express myself in that way," Black said.

"But as an independent artist for a long time, it was hard to convince anybody that it was even worth it for me to do that."

After putting out her EPs and singles and finding an audience that resonated with her music, she found people who wanted to help her produce an album.

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