RRR Review: Fans go berserk over film’s release; police deployed outside theatres ...

The Indian-Telegu blockbuster RRR is shaping up to be one of the most unlikely movie hits of the year having won praise from both critics and audiences alike after it hit Netflix.

The often over-the-top but incredibly entertaining 3-hour action flick is a fictionalised tale of Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju, two real-life Indian revolutionaries who fought against the British occupation of India in the 1920s but never actually met one another.

If you haven't seen the film (firstly, sort that out immediately), you may well have seen the extracts from the film online which features some mind-boggling stunts, lots of CGI animals and Bheem and Raju basically putting all the Avengers to shame with their superhuman strength and heroism.

However, the film doesn't look to have gone down too well with everyone, notably historian Robert Tombs who wrote a piece in The Spectator criticising the film's 'nasty' portrayal of the British.

In the piece Tombs writes: "To portray British officials and soldiers roaming the country casually committing crimes is a sign of absolute ignorance or of deliberate dishonesty… So films like RRR do not reveal some hidden truth about the past, nor do they express genuine popular feelings. They try to stir up synthetic emotions…Netflix should be ashamed for promoting it."

Now while Tombs is entitled to his opinion and obviously has the credentials to speak on the matter it is worth pointing out that RRR is not based on any factual accuracy, which should be clear to anyone who has watched the film. However, the piece is facing a backlash mostly from Indian people on Twitter but also from fans of the film elsewhere in the world.

RRR is the most expensive Indian film ever made with a budget of ₹550 crore ($72 million) and briefly became the second highest grossing Indian film ever.

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