Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton stood side-by-side on the set of Saturday Night Live this week. Well, sort of.

The former governor of Alaska and the Democrat presidential candidate were spoofed by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in a sketch which saw Clinton circa 2008 (played by Poehler) come face to face with current Clinton (played by SNL regular Kate McKinnon).

Because, y'know politics has changed a bit since then...

"You changed your hair," says 2015 Clinton as she's visited by her past self.

"Well, people said I should, so I did."

However, 2008 Clinton had some words of advice for modern day Clinton, warning her older self not to become arrogant in her campaign.

I was cocky too, and then someone named Barack Obama stumble out of a soup kitchen with a basketball and a cigarette and stole my life

But, current Clinton offered up some home truths for past Clinton about the reality of running for candidacy in the age of Donald Trump.

Because politics in Y2K15 is all about being lovable, like someone's grandma, but also saying things like "Yasss Queen".

If that wasn't enough, SNL threw in a nod to who else but... Sarah Palin:

You gotta do what ya believe in your spirit but also America, but not teachers and their fat liberal books. But also. And even why worry about fast food wages with their status quo, which is another Latin word, status quo. Meanwhile Americans are being taken for a ride and also the man can only ride ya when your back is bent so.

H/T BuzzFeed

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