SNL takes less than a minute to expose just how ‘dumb’ Trump’s impeachment trial was

SNL takes less than a minute to expose just how ‘dumb’ Trump’s impeachment trial was

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is in the books and it really didn’t play out how many would have hoped as the former president was acquitted of ‘inciting an instruction’ which happened on 6th January.

Democrats were shy of just ten votes in the Senate which prevented Trump from being convicted and this was despite seven Republicans breaking party lines to vote against the former president.

The absurdness of the trial was succinctly summed up by Colin Jost, co-host of the Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. During this Saturday’s edition of the long-running variety show, Jost went into the many details as to why he believed the impeachment trial was the ‘dumbest he’d ever seen’

The comedian said “the jurors who were the ones that decided the case were the ones that were attacked by the defendant. The trial took place at the scene of the crime then right after the trial ended, one of the jurors who voted to acquit Trump ran out and said, ‘someone’s got to prosecute this guy he did it, this man belongs in jail.”

That pretty much sums up the entire trial but Jost continued. The 38-year-old added, “What are you going to do, impeach a president for anything, don’t you think it’s sending a mob to kill the vice president? I feel bad for Pence. 43 of his work friends were like, come on, Mike, they only tried to hang you, stop being such a drama queen. “

Jost ended the short segment by highlighting that Biden should now send rioters to the Capitol too as it would appear that Republican Senators are fine with that sort of thing.

Other topics that Jost and his co-host Michael Che also compared how the police footage was shown from the riot didn’t lead to any convictions, which is similar to what happened during the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as mocking Ted Cruz’s bizarre new mullet haircut.

You can watch the entire segment in the video below.

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