SNL bids farewell to Trump with a brutal compilation of ‘greatest’ moments

SNL bids farewell to Trump with a brutal compilation of ‘greatest’ moments

Donald Trump’s presidency is coming to an end and with it so does one of the go-to sources for prime Trump mockery as Saturday Night Live will have to find a new person to mercilessly mock every week. 

SNL is taking a mid-season winter break and it would appear that they will not be back before Trump’s time in the White House is over. Episode nine of the variety shows latest season did not feature a parody of Alec Baldwin’s Trump character which he has reportedly retired. 

However, they did find one way to take one last jab at Trump with the Weekend Update, one of the longest-running sketches on the show. In this weeks version of the sketch ‘hosts’ Colin Jost and Michael Che confirmed that they will not be back in time for Trump’s last days in office. 

So to mark the occasion they put together a small compilation of Trump’s ‘greatest’ moments as president. Of course, this wasn’t Trump’s ‘greatest’ moments at all.

Soundtracked to Semisonic’s classic banger ‘Closing Time’ we are treated to just less than a minute of Trump embarrassing himself and acting more like a child than the president of the United States of America.

Some of the moments they included were the ‘fast food buffet’ he put on at the White House, screaming a small boy mowing the lawn, throwing paper towels at hurricane victims, his obsession with flushing toilets, his not-so-casual racism and meeting the Easter bunny.

Colin Jost ended the segment with this, “America, don’t cry that it’s over, smile that it happened and then probably cry a little bit. I don’t know I’m still working it out with my therapist.”

You can watch the entire segment below which also features digs at Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell.

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