Songs of Praise airs first-ever same-sex wedding episode

On Sunday, the BBC's Songs of Praise broke new ground by airing their first-ever LGBT+ wedding and it has to be said it's broken the internet.

This week's episode of the long-running faith programme featured the wedding of Jamie Wallace and Ian McDowall, two gay men hailing from Scotland, reports Pink News.

The couple exchanged vows at Glasgow's Rutherglen United Reformed Church, which is one of the few churches in the UK that welcomes same-sex marriages, marking the first Songs of Praise to acknowledge marriage equality since the programme began airing 58-years-ago.

Speaking on Songs of Praise, Wallace said:

Jesus preaches about love, inclusion, kindness, compassion.

A good lady who comes to this church told us in one of our discussions, people will change, and don’t underestimate older people, either.

They just need to think about it, and they’ll get there one day.

Speaking to Glasgow’s Sunday Post, he said:

As a committed Christian, being able to marry the man I love with all my heart and soul, before God, in the church I love, with my family, friends and the congregation around us, is something I’ve dreamed of.

Now it’s actually happened, I’m proud my church is welcoming and open to same-sex couples.

It goes without saying that it was a pretty emotional moment for viewers of the show.

Unfortunately, there were also occasional trolls, too.

Marriage equality was introduced in England and Wales in 2013, and in Scotland in 2014.

The Church of England remains opposed to marriage equality, despite pressure from clergy groups and support from Anglicans.

Other faith groups in the UK such as the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Unitarian Church, and Liberal Judaism also support same-sex marriage.

HT Pink News

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